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Other 3PLs charge per order

Most fulfillment centers charge per order with additional fees for anything outside of standard pick and pack services. This means your distribution costs exponentially increase as your sales increase.


They offer a fee structure similar to this:

  • Order Fee $2.95

  • Pick & Pack Fee $0.80 (up to 4 items)

  • Insert Fee $0.15 per insert

  • Other costs for misc. services (e.g. additional inserts, building kits)

With this model, you can expect to pay $3.85 - $5.60 per order. Each month fluctuates based on your sales, making it hard to predict your costs!

How we charge

With Flat Fee Fulfillment, your fulfillment cost is based on a pre-set, tiered flat monthly rate. Our transparent and pre-determined pricing is designed to decrease costs and allows your company to accurately estimate expenses. No more surprise invoices as your orders fluctuate! 

Tiered rates are based on your total monthly orders (e.g. 401-500 orders at monthly price A; 501-600 orders at monthly price B).

Our tiered rates save you money: as your sales increase, your distribution costs decrease (within your tier, your price per order goes down!) 

Additional discounts available! Our volume discount program rewards you for hitting your goals based on orders shipped. To thank you for your loyalty, after passing a bench mark number of orders shipped Flat Fee Fulfillment will discount your fulfillment fee each month for the remainder of the year. Inquire today!

Contact us for a personalized quote based on your needs 

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